About the Conference

The Marriages for Life Conference's purpose is to promote strong, healthy, Christ-centered covenant marriages. It is our hope that this conference will edify Christians and non-Christians alike, regardless of marital status, on the truth about Biblical marriage principles.

If you are a pastor...

Are you teaching your flock the truth about covenant marriage that it is between one man and one woman for one lifetime, "forsaking all others 'til death do us part?" Come to this conference where you will be challenged to revisit the scriptural truth concerning the one-flesh covenant marriage.

If you're married...

This conference serves to bring married couples closer together in Christ. Our hope is to see married couples bring glory to God by honoring their vows through the witness and testimony of their marriage, a reflection of Jesus Christ and His bride, the Church. We will discuss how to build a family altar and keep Christ as the focal point of the marriage relationship.

If you're divorced...

You will learn how to stand for your covenant marriage as well as how to heal from the hurt while praying for your covenant spouse. Our hope is that you will embrace God's purpose for your life, growing in Christ's grace and victory, while seeking for the salvation and restoration of your spouse.

If you're single or engaged...

There is no better time to prepare for marriage than before you enter into this holy, one-flesh, covenant relationship. Learn what you can do now, while you are single, to establish a successful marriage later.

There is something for everybody at the Third International Marriages for Life Conference! We hope you find the following pages helpful as you seek to learn more about the conference.

"Presenting Biblical Truths able to Heal our Land of the Divorce Epidemic"

October 22-24, 2010

Hosted by
Praise, Power, and Prayer Temple

Windsor, Connecticut

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